Announcing godot-playfab 1.0

godot-playfab 1.0 is out! This is a major milestone for the project and I am very excited to share it with you!

Published on Saturday, 03 June 2023

Announcing godot-playfab 1.0

After two years of development in my spare time, I am very excited to announce that godot-playfab 1.0 is out!

Grab it here while it's still fresh:

➡️ GitHub Repo: Clone it to get all the bits!

➡️ GitHub Repo: Clone it to get all the bits!

➡️ AssetLib: directly within Godot 4!

➡️ Scratch your itch there!

➡️ GitHub Release: The same as what you get via the Godot Editor download

What's new

Godot 4

The biggest change was the upgrade from Godot 3 to Godot 4, which does not mean a change for you as a user of the library per se, but it means that the library is now compatible with Godot 4.0 and up!

Production Quality

The main reason I am making this a 1.0 release is that I consider the library to be production-ready, and I want to convey this fact via the version number. Since Dome Keeper (and some other projects) have been using it since earlier this year, I have been able to iron out most of the bugs and issues and feel comfortable recommending it as production-ready.

New Unit Testing Framework

The Unit Testing Framework I had been using (GUT) was not compatible with Godot 4 at the time I was migrating. But migrating a library like godot-playfab requires to have at least some Unit Test coverage to ensure proper operation and therefore provide operational security to it's users. Particularly when you have a scripting engine with breaking changes.

I then found GDunit4 by Mike Schulze. It's been a joy working with it an Mike has been great in addressing feedback. Special thanks go out to @Bitbrain, who has helped me on this journey as well and inspired me with his GitHub Actions pipeline.

Godot 3

While the library is now compatible with Godot 4, it is still compatible with Godot 3.5 and up. This is important for me, as may projects are still using Godot 3.5 and I want to continue to support them.


However, I have migrated the AssetLib entry to it's own entry: godot-playfab-3. This is to ensure that users of Godot 3.5 and up can still get the latest version of the library, while users of Godot 4 can get the latest version of the library for Godot 4.


The codebase has been forked for Godot3, and all the code of the Godot 3 version will now have a godot3 prefix in the branch name. The Godot 4 code will now live in the main/develop branches. / GitHub Releases

With the reduced investment and the added complexity by forking the codebase in the same code repository, I have decided to no longer publish releases on GitHub and If you want the latest bits, just use the AssetLib version or download directly from the godot3 branch.

The Future

Godot 3

I will continue to support the Godot 3.x version, however I am considering it a legacy version. I will not add any new features to it, but I will continue to fix bugs and issues. But you can always talk to me and convince me otherwise!

Godot 4

I will continue supporting the latest Godot4 version and will be adding new features. However, the most important features are already included. Do let me know if you have any feature requests and I am happy top build those in!

Open a Discussion item, or create an Issue on GitHub!

Commercial Services

If you are looking for commercial services, such as support, custom development, or integration, please contact me via Email, Twitter, Mastodon, Linkedin ot our godot-playfab Discord.